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Drones have become the signature weapons of the Obama administration's air strikes in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Drones scout over the two countries launching Hellfire missiles into the region missing their intended targets, resulting in the deaths of many innocent people including children. Join our upcoming actions against Drone warfare, watch videos and read latest news articles. More...

We call on the Obama administration to Ground the Drones! Sign your letter today!

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CODEPINK calls Obama's announcement of timetable, residual troops in Iraq a “broken promise.” We must continue to push for change, and we must act now to help alleviate the Iraqi refugee crisis. More...
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CODEPINK Stands Firm Against Military Escalation in Afghanistan. Afghan women want focus on economic needs, not war. Sign our petition! watch this video and read about our NO DRONES actions. More...

gaza peace delegations

  • Gaza: Jan 30 - Feb 6, 2011: Join our delegation on the 2nd year anniversary of the Israeli invasion of Gaza.
  • Read about our GAZA FREEDOM MARCH in December 2009
  • Read about your past two delegations with United Nations Relief & Works Agency here.
  • View photos and reports from our historic 60-person International Women's Day delegation.